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Welcome to clocs, a range of hand-made wooden clocks by Barry Hankey.

All clocks are are made to a very high quality and are unique designs. They are made from hardwoods, mostly from South Wales, and entirely from sustainable sources. Many are made from fallen timber and a feature is made of the chemical reactions in the wood which produce unique colouring and shapes.
woods used to make clocks include
oak ash
yew pear
plum holly
apple maple
beech cherry
mahogany sycamore

All clocks are finished to a very high quality to draw out the graining of the wood, and are sealed with best waxes.
There are 3 basic types of clock:

Small, sealed clocks about 32mm in diameter, inserted into the wood, ideal for standing on a desk, or shelf .

Clock mechanisms with a variety of size and style of hands, designed for hanging on a walll as a feature,

Clock mechanisms with a variety of size and style of hands, ideal for standing on a manntlepiece.

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Open-face Clocks

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Open-Face Wall Clocks
The finish of the wood is complemented by the use of top quality quartz clock movements and all-metal hands in a wide variety of sizes and styles. The clocks themselves vary from a traditional appearance, to modern and stylish, to zany. There are 6 basic design styles.
Mod Clocs

clocks which are simple, modern and stylish
Just Clocs
simple clocks, which emphasise the grain of the wood
clocks with natural features inserted to complement the wood grain.
Character Clocs
clocks with special natural character
clocks with selected pebble to complement the grain and mark the O'clock
clocks with selected, matching pebbles to mark O'clock to Quarter past
Clocks can be seen at the following arts centes where a selection of various styles and designs is on display.
Llantarnam Grange Art Centre in Cwmbran, South Wales (link)
Craft Renaissance near Abergavenny, South Wales (link)
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