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Inserted Clocks

This limited range of Inserted clocks has proved very popular and many have been sold. Made with top-quality quartz movements they make distinctive desk clocks or shelf features.

Some of the sold clocks are included here as examples of the styles which are available.

The range is soon to be extended

The remaining clocks are exclusively on display at the Llanatarnam Grange Arts Centre in Cwmbran, South Wales (link)

If you like these clocks then
contact us and tell us which particular style you like the most. We will then e-mail you in advance of the clocks going on display so that you can have fiirst choice - no obligation.


The Inserted Clocks range of clocs make ideal corporate gifts-with-a-difference. These are high quality. hand-made gifts from natural materials which gives that exclusive, personal touch

A range of styles is being developed specifically for this purpose.

For more details contact us.

IC 013

IC 011

IC 002
The clock faces used in Inserted Clocks are 35 mm in diameter. At present faces are used which have a brass surround and Arabic numerals for a clean, crisp, easy-to-read look. There are 3 basic styles of Inserted Clock:

IC 016

IC 010

IC 007

IC 005
Character Wood
clocks made from wood which has been in some way stressed, for example a shattered stump caused by storm damage, or which has been subject to wood-worm attack. All wood has been stabilised and made free of any infestation.

Clocks using a varitey of geometric shapes - triangles, cubes, recatanges - all in balance and proportion with the clock-face.
Whole wood
Clocks made from sections of tree with part of the bark intact. Because in many cases the wood is from long-fallen timber, it is polished by the rubbing of sheep.

IC 004

IC 006

IC 012

IC 014

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