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Open-Face Wall Clocks

OFWC 009

OFWC 013

OFWC 010

OFWC 002

Open-Face Wall Clocks are made to hang on the wall as a focal point or feature.
They vary widely in size, shape and style but all are made of native hardwoods and finished to a very hgh standard. Only top-quality quartz movements are used together with metal hands chosen to complement the wood and the style of clock.

A number of Open Face Wall Clocks have beed sold. Some of the sold clocks are include on this page to illustrate the range of designs and woods which are available.

The range is soon to be extended

If you like these clocks then
contact us and tell us which particular style you like the most. We will then e-mail you in advance of the clocks going on display so that you can have fiirst choice - no obligation.

OFWC 001

OFWC 003

OFWC 011

OFWC 004

OFWC 008

OFC 006

OFC 025

OFC 015

OFC 016

OFC 028

OFC 014

OFWC 005

OFWC 005

OFWC 006

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