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 South Wales

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Waterfall, Furnace, Near Aberystwyth
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Chapel Lane
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Corn Ddu

Reen, Magor
 Jill Hobbs' paintings have become highly regarded for their skilful and tonally rich application of the pastel medium. The first time observer is often surprised to discover that the medium used is indeed pastel, rather than oil or acrylic.
Sunlight has a strong influence on her work as does the mood and atmosphere of weather or the time of day. She feels that, in order to capture atmosphere it is equally important to capture the temperature and the colour within a scene, particularly in the case of evocative Welsh landscapes.
Although Jill's paintings may often give an overall effect of photo-realism, closer inspection reveals a more impressionistic style.

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work is on permanent display at:
Llantarnam Grange Art Centre in Cwmbran, South Wales (link)

Craft Renaissance near Abergavenny, South Wales (link)

Victoria Gallery in Pontnewydd, Cwmbran, South Wales

Exhibitions are held at various times during the year of details of which will be posted on this site.
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